(mis)TRUST cover


My mum’s words always echo in my mind…
“You can never trust a man with your heart. Men don’t know what to do with a heart that’s been given to them—so they break it.”
But what happens to the woman who trusts with her heart after he breaks it?

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We are US… cover

We are US…

We are US… The final installment of the I am HER… trilogy.

Does everything become amazing because you have the man and the life of your dreams? Does the nightmare stop and the past fade? No, it doesn’t. The past is always there, simmering in the background, stewing and bubbling to the surface of your soul.

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Choices… cover


Samantha Newman is awesome. She has best friends, a soul mate, and the love of her life. She is loved, and she loves in return. Samantha is sexy, intelligent, successful, and happy. People gravitate toward her, and live for her love… until she has an accident.

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LOST cover


My name is Sophie Morley, and this is my story of loss.

I used to be mature, professional, and stable. I used to have friends and colleagues who respected me. I used to be someone I respected. I knew the life I wanted, and I lived within my forever plans.

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My Dear Stranger cover

My Dear Stranger

“Last night my dear stranger came to me…”

Sadie Adams spent years hiding a secret in her journal. A beautiful secret wrapped in the dear stranger who came to her in the night. A stranger who came to her filled with love, passion, and devotion.

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THIS is me… cover

THIS is me…

** Warning: Graphic content and themes **

“THIS is me…”
The desperate sequel to “I am HER…”

She has a name. She has a past and she has a history.
She knows who she is. And she knows who she wanted to be.

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I am HER… cover

I am HER…

A beautifully devastating, graphically tragic, compelling tale of a woman suffering…

She has no name of her own. She is every name everyone has ever called her. She is nameless.
She has a good job, a beautiful home, and a wonderful husband.

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